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With every customer that calls to us comes a whole new project, and that’s exactly the way we want to keep it. Whether it’s a conversion, repair, or simply just a service that’s what we do. Please feel free to call us to scope out what you need to be done.

Van Conversions

We offer a full conversion service, from design to completion, custom-built to suit your needs, taste, and budget. All vans are made to the highest possible standards using top-quality products. 

Van Heating

We all know that the Irish weather can be unpredictable, summer or winter, so heating your van is a must. We can offer 2 options to meet your heating needs. Truma gas air heater or Autoterm diesel heater with whom we are certified.

Van Repairs

Here at Howard Campervans, we offer a one-stop conversion with our on-site repair service for your van conversion or your camper re-vamp.

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